Breaching Tools


Entry Tools

When you’re on a mission that requires you to gain access to a building, you need to be armed with quality breaching tools. RuhlTech manufactures a wide range of breaching tools for military and law enforcement agencies. We’re located in Spring Lake, NC and serve customers all over the world. We manufacture a variety of breaching tools, including:

- Bolt cutters
- Rescue axes
- Breaching pry bars
- Hingebreaker
- Limited lifetime warranty


Entry Rams

Breaching rams allow your team to quickly and safely bust through doors in cramped spaces. RuhlTech manufactures breaching rams for law enforcement and military agencies. We have a variety of selections available, including rams with handguards. We carry rams that are nine inches to 18 inches in diameter.


While kicking down a door looks cool on TV, it’s not the most efficient way to gain entry to any location. Breaching rams allow your team to position in a safe zone, even in a tight breaching situation. They absorb shock and allow you to exert force on the door.


You never know where your mission will take you. When your team needs to overcome obstacles, you need to be prepared with quick fold-out ladders, including:

- Solid breaching ladders
- Collapsible breaching ladders
- Folding rung ladders
- Cable ladders
- Pole ladders
- Quick fold-out ladders
- Ladders for aircraft use


Breaching Doors

Whether you need breaching doors for training purposes or military operations, we have the product for you. Reach out to us today to order:

- Enclosed doors
- Barred doors
- Security gates
- Door stands
- Training doors
- Limited lifetime warranty


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