Long Endurance UAV System


UAV System Overview

The Penguin C is a long-endurance, long range unmanned aircraft system designed for professional use. Its flight endurance of over 20 hours and operation radius of over 100 kilometers or 60 miles makes it an extremely productive unmanned platform in terms of distance traveled and area covered in a single flight. If equiped with advanced Epsilon EO payloads, Penguin C is one of the most capable surveillance and inspection UAS available on the market.


Highly Efficient EFI Long Endurance Engine

Penguin C flight endurance exceeds 20 hours. The cooling system provides the ability to operate from below freezing point to extremely hot conditions. Before delivery, each engine is tested extensively in UAV Factory’s engine testing cell to maximize its reliability and efficiency.

The EFI engine comes built into a swappable propulsion module than can be changed in minutes, allowing for uninterrupted operation of the aircraft system while maintenance is performed on a second module.

Each engine is equipped with a Silent muffler with the lowest acoustic signature in this class of aircraft, and this makes the Penguin C a very suitable platform for covert surveillance missions.

Payloads Option

Penguin C is available with the Epsilon series of advanced micro-gimbals developed by Octopus ISR Systems, a division of UAV Factory. Epsilon gimbals provide advanced observation, inspection and surveillance capabilities, such as day- and nighttime object tracking and small moving target indication. In addition, Epsilon gimbals are fully integrated and have been tested extensively with Penguin C aircraft.


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